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Respire Blue

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Respire Pink EF Micro
Need freedom to open/close mouth
Larger Tongue
Bruxism/TMD sufferer
Smaller Mouth
Medicare Approved
Compliance Chip Available

Why a Whole You™ device can be

your optimal sleep apnea treatment?
Covered by Medical Insurance
Most medical insurance covers our appliances. Four of our appliances are accepted under Medicare.

Provided by

Dental Sleep Professionals
We only work with professionals who are well educated and experienced with dental sleep medicine.
Fully Customized
Wide variety of appliances that are customized for effectiveness and comfort.
Sleep Naturally
You can sleep in any position you like – even on your side and of course, next to your partner.
Hassle Free
No hoses. No mask. Easier care and no need to repurchase consumables. Travel light, everywhere.
It's compact and comfortable!
Simple and easy care!
4 easy steps to get your Sleep Appliance
Step 1. Consultation
It starts with seeing a Dental Sleep professional for consultation. Visiting with a partner or family member is a good idea as they know your sleep behavior.
Step 2.Sleep Test
If you are undiagnosed, you will take a sleep test to determine whether or not you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea and if you are a candidate for Oral Appliances.
Step 3.Appliance Selection
You will be referred back to your dentist with your prescription for Oral Appliance therapy. The dentist will select the optimal device based on your condition and then your OA will be custom made.
Final Step. Fitting
After about 3 weeks, your OA will be ready for final adjustments. You will visit the dentist for a fitting and if it works you will be able to bring your OA home to have a good night’s sleep!


Good news! Many of our providers will work with your medical insurance benefits to see if there is any financial help from your insurance. Start the discussion now to become a next City of Sleeper!
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