Concord, NC
Nicholas’ Story "I'm a soldier and a father. Good sleep helps me be better at both."

I’m 30 years old and I have been in the army since I was 17. I’m passionate about being a soldier and I take my job seriously. When my sleep apnea started getting in the way of work, I knew I needed to do something. The main issue was lack of energy — staying engaged in training was difficult when I was constantly tired. I tried a CPAP machine for about a year with few results. There were problems with it. I would wake up regularly with the mask off my face or wake up to the air blowing in my face after the seal broke.

NicholasMy sleep doctor referred me to a sleep dentist, who told me about the Oral Appliance. Since I switched to the Oral Appliance, I feel more rested and full of energy. I’m not drowsy anymore while at work or behind the wheel. And even though my military service often takes me to places without power, I can still get nightly treatment for my apnea — the Oral Appliance doesn’t require electricity. I’m proud to be a healthy soldier again.


I have a four-year old son, Bryson, and before sleep treatment it was difficult to keep up with him. Now we play for hours. Bryson and I also love off-roading, so we work on our Jeep together. He hands me wrenches, helps me measure, and uses the tools to work on his tools. Now that I’m getting good rest I can pull late-nighters in the garage and that means we get to spend more time in the mud together.


NicholasIn addition to off-roading, motor sports are big hobby of mine. I really like the Concord Speedway and Bryson and I have been to the Hickory Motor Speedway to watch demolition derby. Having a little boy continues to be the greatest joy ever.

Location Guide: Located in the heart of Concord, North Carolina the Concord Motor Speedway is one of the “Showcase” tracks of NASCAR. State-of-the-art playground entertains the youngest fans while parents and older siblings see the best weekly racing in the country making it the place for “Fast-Fun” Family Entertainment.

Comment from Nicholas' Dentist
I chose Respire Blue for Nicholas because it is a very comfortable and durable device which in turn, makes it long lasting. It was great to hear how much improvement Nicholas experienced right after he started to wear the oral appliance. He noticed he had much more energy and was no longer snoring.
Respire Blue

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