How To Use
Whole You™ Sleep Appliance

Sleep is a vital component of every person’s health and well-being,
especially for sleep apnea patients using an oral device to get adequate sleep.
To help clarify how to use the device properly and prevent damage to the device we have put together
this resource page so users can wear their device every night with confidence.

How to clean your Whole You™ oral device

For further handling instructions, please refer to the “Instruction For Use” documentation of your oral device.

Should I be concerned about handling the device with my hands?
You can insert or remove your device with your hands, but make sure to wash your hands beforehand thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. You can find the video about handwashing from CDC here.
Can I disinfect the device with alcohol?
No, do not use alcohol on the device. Alcohol is a drying agent and can damage the material of your device, making it more susceptible to cracks. We also advise against putting your device in the microwave or heating it to “sterilize” it as this will only damage the device.
Can I keep the device in the water?
Whether you store your device in water or not depends on your device. Whole You™ oral devices should be stored in a dry area that is exposed to air and sunlight to prevent the growth of germs. For non-Whole You™ devices, we recommend consulting with your dentist or manufacturer for instructions on how to clean and store your appliance.
Should I be concerned about the hygiene of the device if I left exposed it to open air?
Washing your hands before inserting or removing your oral device, as well as properly cleaning and storing the device would prevent such contamination.

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