Getting Your Whole You™ Sleep Appliance

Are you thinking of starting sleep apnea treatment with Whole You™ Sleep Appliance?
Follow these four easy steps to get your own customized oral device.

Step 1


Start by seeing a sleep specialist for a consultation and prescription. If you don’t know of any sleep specialists, we can help you find one here. We work with a network of sleep specialists across the U.S. who can provide a virtual consultation. We also recommend bringing a partner or family member who may know your sleep behavior best with you to the consultation.
Step 2

Sleep Test

After your consultation, the sleep specialist will recommend a sleep test. The test will help your sleep specialist diagnose you, determine whether or not you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and if you are a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT).
Step 3

Oral Device Selection

Once you receive a prescription for OAT, we will help you find local Whole You™ Sleep Appliance providers who are experienced in OAT and can select the best device for you based on your condition and needs. Your dentist will take your impressions and you will receive your customized Whole You™ Sleep Appliance in approximately three weeks.
Final Step


Once your device is ready, you will visit your dentist for final adjustments. This step helps ensure the device is properly fitted to your comfort. After the fitting, you will be able to bring your Whole You™ Sleep Appliance home to have a good night’s sleep.

You Are Now Ready

For Healthy Sleep!

Follow up

Regular follow-up care is essential to successful treatment. Your dentist can continue to adjust your Whole You™ Sleep Appliance as needed to improve comfort and treatment results.

Medical Insurance

Most medical insurance plans, including Medicare, cover Whole You™ Sleep Appliances. Consult your provider to verify insurance coverage.

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