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Dr. B. says

There’s an old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but sleeping by yourself when you’re used to having a bed partner can be hard. Sometimes it feels like you’re punishing yourself or being punished, and those negative thoughts and feelings about sleep can make it harder to sleep during your isolation period and after.

If this is your situation and you’re having to get used to solo sleeping, think about what you can do to make the bed – and you – extra cozy. That way you can look forward to going to bed, and you’ll continue to associate bed and sleep with good feelings instead of fear and frustration. Then when you and your partner are sleeping together again, they can be extra comfy, too.

Dr. B.
Anne Bartolucci, PhD, CBSM

Dr. Bartolucci is a licensed psychologist and is board-certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, specializing in insomnia. She is the president and clinical director of Atlanta Insomnia & Behavioral Health Services, P.C. and a USA Today bestselling fiction author. Her second nonfiction book Better Sleep for the Overachiever will be released in September 2020.


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