Drastic lifestyle changes can affect your quality of sleep and life, especially when you face significant changes to your environment and daily activities.

Explore the condition that may be all too familiar to you and read through Dr. B’s advice to positively manage your environment and discover new ways to get healthier, more restful sleep.

Sleepy Guide #1
OMG, I am eating,
working, and sleeping in
the same room!
Sleepy Guide #2
Alexa, play music
to fall asleep to.
And let’s make it the
last thing for today.
Sleepy Guide #3
I’m self-isolating
and sleeping alone
for 2 weeks.
Sleepy Guide #4
OMG, I’ve watched all
of “Game of Thrones.”
Now what?
Sleepy Guide #5
I can’t stop checking the
news. There’s too much
scary news around me.

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