Episode 5Male aging & Sleep

As men age, testosterone levels decrease over time, which leads to symptoms such as lower libido. Endocrinologist Anastasios Manessis, MD discusses the signs of low testosterone in men, such as fatigue and sleep deprivation, and how sleep apnea can increase the risk of low testosterone in men as they age. Listen for more information on how treating sleep apnea can help regulate hormone levels in male patients and improve overall sleep health.

Dr. Anastasios Manessis, MD

Anastasios Manessis, M.D. , a faculty member of NYU since 2011, has been involved in many clinical research projects including long-term studies to evaluate efficacy and safety of GLP-I agonists and weight loss agents. His primary clinical interest includes treatment of diabetic patients with insulin pumps and how it has benefited the well-being of patients long-term.

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    Along with nutrition and exercise, quality sleep is one of the pillars of health. A good night’s rest not only ensures you feel refreshed in the morning but can also help solve or mitigate other health consequences. On our “&Sleep” series, we invite experts to explore how taking care of your sleep can help you achieve optimal health.

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