Respire Pink EF Micro

Whole You™ Respire Pink EF Micro

Compact yet Provides Extra Tongue Space
  • Minimal contact of the arms to the lip area
  • Thin and short frontal teeth coverage
  • Extra Tongue Space, made with chrome for durability

Conditions recommended for this device

  • Highly Recommended
  • Recommended
  • Available

  • Need freedom to open /
    close mouth

  • Larger Tongue

  • Bruxism / TMD sufferer

  • Smaller Mouth

  • Medicare Approved

  • Compliance Chip Available

Treatment cost and insurance coverage

Private Medical plans: Majority
Medicare: Yes
*Please check with your insurance company or ask your provider at consultation as the cost may vary.

Whole You™ Respire Pink cannot be purchased on its own. It will be provided as a part of your entire treatment plan, which may include a sleep study, diagnostic work, fitting and post insertion follow up, etc. The cost can vary depending on your conditions and the services that each provider will offer. The good news is that most medical insurance plans will cover the treatment for the Whole You™ device, and many Whole You™ providers are highly experienced to deal with the medical insurance plans to make the treatment more affordable for you.

What doctors say about the device

Wendy Whole You™ Sleeper /
"My new apnea treatment gave me my energy back. Now I’m a gym regular and lost 62 lbs!"
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Wendy ’s Doctor says…
Wendy came to our office because she was struggling with her CPAP machine. The masks were causing sore spots on her face and she was tired of all the upkeep required. I chose Whole You Pink Micro for her because it is covered by Medicare and fit better than other devices due to her mouth size. I am so happy that Wendy is now sleeping better and living healthier!

Find out which device suits the different conditions

  • Highly Recommended
  • Recomended
  • Available
Respire Blue

Respire Pink

Respire Pink Micro

Respire Blue EF

Respire Pink EF

Respire Pink EF Micro
Need freedom to open/close mouth
Larger Tongue
Bruxism/TMD sufferer
Smaller Mouth
Medicare Approved
Compliance Chip Available

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