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Whole You™ Respire Blue+ New Wing Design

12.5% Smaller Device

The enhanced Respire Blue+ provides 12.5% decrease* in device size. Its smaller wings increases overall comfort for patients while straighter wing angles holding the jaw in an optimal position to keep the airway open in different sleep positions.

*From in-house test results lower arch volume, comparing to its previous design

Redesigned to provide extra comfort and
better treatment success

1. Shorter and Narrower Lower Wings
Shorter wings help with an easier insertion and removal of the device. Lower wings are shorter and rounder to prevent them from protruding beyond upper arch and contacting against cheeks. Narrower lower wings help keep them away from the lip area for better comfort.
2. Straighter Angle
An 80 degree wing angle holds the jaw in an optimal position to keep the airway open sufficiently in different sleep positions.
3. Reduced Lingual Coverage
All the unused lingual extensions on the device have been trimmed down. Overall reduced lingual coverage provides more tongue space for the increased comfort.
4. Thinner Buccal Surfaces
No more braided wires for less irritation on the lower lip area. The buccal of the device is thinner and shorter to prevent the device from impinging on the gingival tissue.

Expert’s Review

Nicole Chenet, DDS, D-ABDSM

The reduction of the acrylic bulk in Respire’s new Blue+’s design just makes everything better about the device. In particular, in the lingual and the distal buccal areas the patients do not feel like it’s pressing against their cheeks and this makes it easier for their mouth to close. It also helps to promote more tongue space and the patient doesn’t feel overwhelmed in the confines of their mouth.

I love the 80 degree wings. Number one, its improved angulation aids in the patient opening their mouth easily. Number two, it aids in the mouth staying closed overnight. The reduced size of the dorsal fin wing has greatly improved and I feel it has led to having more strength and durability when the patients advance the device. With metal bars removed from the sides, patients can put the device in their mouth far more comfortably than they were before. The lower profile on the sides prevents the patient’s muscles and tongue from fighting against it, helping them to relax and allows them to have improved lip seal throughout the night.

Respire Blue+’s enhanced design has really broadened the range of applications in patients! Since the new design, Respire Blue+ is a more durable and a far more comfortable device, I would have no hesitation in any application other than a heavy lateral bruxer. Patients with a very small mouth are far more comfortable in the Respire Blue+ as compared to the previous design. Lastly, another improved clinical application, patients who are missing multiple posterior and or anterior teeth where you would be concerned about a herbst arm possibly pulling off the lower device, the new Respire Blue+ is an excellent option for these patients. It assures that the device has good retention in the edentulous areas and doesn’t overwhelm the patient.

Overall, I recommend the Respire Blue+. Not only have I been impressed with the improvements in design but also the positive feedback from patients and far less adjustment appointments due to the patient comfort and better compliance.

Kathi Wilson, DDS, D-ABDSM

With its recently enhanced design, the Respire Blue+ gives me one more tool in the toolbox. The smaller profile means its appropriate for a larger patient population. It is well-tolerated and sturdy enough for big-time clenchers.

The enhanced design provides a smaller overall size, meaning less bulk in the patient’s mouth. Wings are shortened giving less bulk in the patient’s mouth. Additionally, the angle of wings got straighter to help keep the jaw forward when they relax open a little, which is important for the treatment because it protects the airway. With having the anterior metal bars removed, they no longer annoy lips and having them move towards the side/back is more comfortable in patient’s mouth. Narrower block on the upper reduces the bulk to increase comfort, meaning increased compliance.

I definitely would recommend the Respire Blue+’s new design to dentists who can look in a mouth and be able to tell who is more of a clencher and who is more of a grinder.

A Closer Look at Respire Blue+
  • 6 mm Maximum advancement
  • Available in hard or hard/soft-fitting surface
  • Additional support with the 4-wing design
  • Option to add elastic hooks and anterior discluding ramp
  • 3-Year manufacturer’s warranty
A Closer Look at Respire Blue EF+
  • 6 mm Maximum advancement
  • Option to add elastic hooks and anterior discluding ramp
  • Additional support with the 4-wing design
  • 3-Year manufacturer’s warranty

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