OAT Prescription Support

To treat more patients, it’s imperative to connect with OAT-friendly physicians and to streamline a process from HST and Rx to the documentation for medical billing. Try Whole You™’s new service, partnered with SleepMedRx!

How We Can Support

  • For both diagnosed and non-diagnosed patients
  • By OAT-friendly sleep specialist partners
  • With 4 key documents required for medical billing

With or Without New Sleep Test

Home sleep test, virtual consultation and prescription by our sleep professionals
Virtual consultation and prescription by our sleep professionals

How You Can Use Our Store

Step 1. Call us at 718-643-7326 and request your unique Dentist Code.
Step 2. Visit our store and select a product option. You can also provide your Dentist Code to your patients to purchase themselves.
Step 3. Purchase the product and apply the Dentist Code at Checkout.
Step 4. You will receive a notification email with OAT prescription for your patient once they are prescribed.

Our Consultation and Home Sleep Test Partner

SleepmedRx is a telehealth network of board certified sleep physicians and advanced Nurse Practitioners treating patients nationwide who suffer with sleep related breathing issues.

Specialists at SleepmedRx virtually conduct appointments, deliver tests, and provide state-of-the-art equipment to help you achieve better sleep from the comfort of your home.

SleepmedRx and Whole You™ are and will remain separate independent entities.

Meet some of our sleep specialists

Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD. DABSM

Dr. Bijwadia, a board certified physician in Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, is founder of a national sleep telemedicine practice (Sleepmedrx) serving all 50 states.

Kunal Agarwal, MD. DABSM

Board certified in Family, Obesity, and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Agarwal is a member of AAFP, AASM, CHEST, OMA, and AAPI.

Lee A. Surkin, MD. DABSM

Dr. Surkin is triple board certified in sleep medicine, cardiovascular disease and nuclear cardiology and has been practicing since 1997.

Interested in our support?

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