Episode 3
Know the Difference: Sleep Apnea versus Narcolepsy

In the United States, fewer than 200,000 cases per year are diagnosed with narcolepsy, yet this chronic sleep disorder is commonly mistaken with sleep apnea. On this episode, we chat with Dr. Brijesh Malkani, a sleep medicine specialist and neurologist on what makes sleep apnea different from narcolepsy, additional symptoms of sleep apnea that some patients face or are unaware of, and what he’d like others to know about neurology.

Brijesh Malkani, MD

Awarded the Castle Connolly designation of “Top Doctors,” Dr. Malkani, a dual Board Certified Neurologist and Sleep Medicine specialist for Mount Sinai, is an Assistant Clinical Professor for Mount Sinai Hospital. He offers expertise in a wide array of neurologic conditions, from common back pain to complicated migraines, as well as management of a full spectrum of sleep disorders.

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