Respire Blue EF+

Breakthrough Design for Increased Comfort. Additional Support with the New 4-Wing Design.
Endurance Framework (EF) sleep devices offer enhanced comfort. They have an innovative, patented design and are made of alloy, making them significantly thinner yet durable.
Respire Blue EF+ is a trademark of Respire Medical.

Why the 4 Wings?

The new Respire Blue EF+ has a 4 wings design with 2 adjustable and 2 fixed wings.  The additional support helps balance the forces on the device during lateral movements.

Expert’s Review

Features & Benefits: Respire Blue EF +

Increased Tongue Space

EF products are made with alloy, making the framework part of the appliance thinner. This creates more space for the tongue and provides extra comfort for people who need it.

Reduced Coverage for Front Teeth

Discomfort can be caused when a sleep apnea device presses against the lips. EF products reduce this issue for a more comfortable experience.

Made with Alloy for Durability

The endurance framework offers extra durability, despite being one of the thinnest lingual coverage products available.

A Closer Look at Respire Blue EF+

Respire Blue EF
  • 6 mm maximum advancement
  • Mesh support system for durability
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Option to add elastic hooks and anterior discluding ramp
  • Additional support with the new 4-Wing design

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