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Latest in Wearable Sleep Technology
Part 1: Health Monitoring

Date / Time: January 20th (7.30-9 PM EST)

Guest panelists:

Amir Reuveny
Dr. Amir Reuveny is the founder and CEO of Wesper, an at-home digital platform for sleep diagnostics and management. The company has raised over $5.5M to date and has offered its sleep solution to hundreds of customers and partners. Wesper has conducted multiple studies to validate its technology with leading clinical partners and has received FDA clearance for its home sleep test solution. Dr. Reuveny has received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Information Systems from The University of Tokyo, pioneering the development of ultraflexible electronics, and holds bachelor’s degrees with honors in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Technion.
Ed Pienkosz
Head of Coaching
Ed Pienkosz is Oura’s Head of Coaching, responsible for the design, philosophy, implementation, and management of solutions designed to assist individuals make the most of the metrics collected by the Oura Ring. He has over 30 years of experience in health and wellness program design, chronic disease management and prevention, and direct patient care at various health companies and hospital systems. Most recently, he was the Head of Sleep Coaching for Beddr, where he created an evidence-based program to help individuals identify sleep-related challenges and improve overall sleep.

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