Episode 6-1
Beyond the Referral Part 1: Determining Treatment Success
How can a strong partnership help treatment success? For ENT doctor, Dr. Ryan Soose, and dentist, Dr. Nicole Chenet, their ability to collaborate helps them achieve better outcomes for their patients. On part one of this two-episode conversation, we discuss the different types of sleep apnea patients they encounter and how they work together to identify the right treatment.
Episode 6-2
Beyond the Referral Part 2: Developing A Successful Partnership
What does it mean to go “beyond the referral?” On part two of our conversation with ENT doctor, Dr. Ryan Soose, and dentist, Dr. Nicole Chenet, we explore how working together to create a personalized treatment for each patient, as well as an understanding of each other’s specialties, helps them provide better care overall.
Nicole Chenet, DDS, DABDSM
Dr. Chenet is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and holds an Advanced TAP-PAP certification. She was named one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s Top Dentist by her peers. She is a lecturer in local and national conferences and seminars, published in several Dental Sleep Medicine magazine articles and journals. Dr. Chenet is also a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and the American Dental Association.
Ryan Soose, MD
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