Episode 5
The Power of Psychology: Connecting the Dots on Sleep Apnea and Insomnia
Have you ever heard the age-old question, “Which came first, insomnia or sleep apnea?” This episode, clinical psychologist and board-certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Anne Bartolucci, unpacks the difference between insomnia and sleep apnea, discusses her approach to improving sleep health through cognitive behavioral psychology, and explores the challenges she believes patients and sleep health experts are facing today.
Anne Bartolucci, PhD, CBSM
Dr. Bartolucci is a licensed psychologist and is board-certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, specializing in insomnia. She is the president and clinical director of Atlanta Insomnia & Behavioral Health Services, P.C. and a USA Today bestselling fiction author. Her second nonfiction book Better Sleep for the Overachiever will be released in September 2020.
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