Welcome to "Sleep Talking with David Walton", a podcast by Whole You™! David Walton, CEO of Respire Medical LLC, our flagship lab is joined by experts in sleep health medicine, including pulmonologists, ENT doctors, cognitive-behavioral therapists, dentists and more, for an in-depth conversation on the intersection of everyone's favorite pastime and the provocative world of sleep health medicine.
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Episode 7
Going Digital: Using Telemedicine to Treat Sleep Apnea
Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD.MBA
Now that sleep health specialists are treating their patients online, telehealth has become a growing pillar in the industry. In this episode, we welcome Dr. Jagdeep Bijwadia, an expert pulmonologist with over 20 years of experience, to walk us through how going digital can improve patient access, increase efficiencies, and give patients and specialists a new way to connect. Read More >
Episode 6-2
Beyond the Referral Part 2: Developing A Successful Partnership
Ryan Soose, MD
Nicole Chenet, DDS, DABDSM
What does it mean to go “beyond the referral?” On part two of our conversation with ENT doctor, Dr. Ryan Soose, and dentist, Dr. Nicole Chenet, we explore how working together to create a personalized treatment for each patient, as well as an understanding of each other’s specialties, helps them provide better care overall. Read More >
Episode 6-1
Beyond the Referral Part 1: Determining Treatment Success
Ryan Soose, MD
Nicole Chenet, DDS, DABDSM
How can a strong partnership help treatment success? For ENT doctor, Dr. Ryan Soose, and dentist, Dr. Nicole Chenet, their ability to collaborate helps them achieve better outcomes for their patients. On part one of this two-episode conversation, we discuss the different types of sleep apnea patients they encounter and how they work together to identify the right treatment. Read More >
Episode 5
The Power of Psychology: Connecting the Dots on Sleep Apnea and Insomnia
Anne D. Bartolucci, PhD, CBSM
Have you ever heard the age-old question, “Which came first, insomnia or sleep apnea?” This episode, clinical psychologist and board-certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Anne Bartolucci, unpacks the difference between insomnia and sleep apnea, discusses her approach to improving sleep health through cognitive behavioral psychology, and explores the challenges she believes patients and sleep health experts are facing today. Read More >
Episode 4
One Approach Does Not Fit All: Examining Sleep Apnea Treatments
Olivier Vanderveken, MD, PhD
Globally, the CPAP machine is regarded as the “gold standard” of treatment for sleep apnea patients, yet users are not consistently compliant with the device. Thus, one treatment does not fit all. On this episode, we chat with celebrated ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon, Dr. Olivier Vanderveken, to discuss his extensive research on OSA treatments as part of the world-renowned Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium, his advice on how to build important relationships across disciplines, and the future of sleep medicine. Read More >
Episode 3
Know the Difference: Sleep Apnea versus Narcolepsy
Brijesh Malkani, MD
In the United States, fewer than 200,000 cases per year are diagnosed with narcolepsy, yet this chronic sleep disorder is commonly mistaken with sleep apnea. On this episode, we chat with Dr. Brijesh Malkani, a sleep medicine specialist and neurologist on what makes sleep apnea different from narcolepsy, additional symptoms of sleep apnea that some patients face or are unaware of, and what he’d like others to know about neurology. Read More >
Episode 2
Personalizing Sleep Health Care: How Sleep Disorders And Medication (Don’t) Mix
Mario Kinsella, MD
On average, 50 to 70 million people in the U.S. experience one or several sleep disorders. On this episode, we explore the importance of tailoring sleep health care for each patient and the effects of prescription medication on patients sleep. This episode’s guests are Dr. Mario Kinsella, an expert pulmonologist with over 41 years of experience, and Dr. John Tucker, a dentist specialized in obstructive sleep apnea with over 37 years of experience. Read More >
Episode 1
The Power of Collaboration: A Joint Approach to Treating Sleep Apnea Patients
Anne D. Bartolucci, PhD, CBSM
Dmitry Lvovsky, MD
James Andry, MD
Jonathan Lown, MD
Olivier Vanderveken, MD, PhD
When sleep specialists collaborate, everyone benefits. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Jonathan Lown, a board-certified physician practicing in sleep, internal medicine, and lipidology, as we recap Whole You™’s 2019 AADSM dinner session and share key insights provided by the session’s five esteemed panelists: Dr. James M. Andry (Pulmonologist), Dr. Olivier Vanderveken (ENT), Dr. Dmitry Lvovsky (Pulmonologist), Dr. Anne D. Bartolucci (Psychologist), and Dr. Jonathan Lown (Internal Medicine).

Topics include: Why it’s important for dentists to collaborate with different disciplines to identify potential sleep disorders beyond obstructive sleep apnea, how to navigate those relationships, and how our panel defines treatment success. Read More >
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