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Our Products

Respire Blue+

Freedom in Vertical Movement and Comfortable to Wear

Respire Blue EF+

Freedom in Vertical Movement and More Space for the Tongue to Provide Extra Comfort

Respire Pink AT

Suitable Design for Patients with Bruxism at Night

Respire Pink EF AT

Extra Comfort for People with Bruxism or Larger Tongues

Respire Pink EF Micro

Compact yet Provides Extra Tongue Space

Respire Pink Micro

Compact Design: Suitable for People with Smaller Mouths

Whole You™ TMD Devices

Customizable Designs for Patients’ Individual Needs

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Comparison Chart

Find out which oral device would suit the different conditions of your patients.


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Resources to Get You Started

From order forms to marketing tools. We offer a variety of resources to get you started.

Education on Dental Sleep Medicine

Want to learn more about Sleep Dentistry? We provide series of articles to help you get familiar.

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