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Grow Your Practice

At Whole You, we support you in providing quality treatment to your sleep apnea patients. From our extensive product portfolio for a wide array of patient conditions, to our direct-to-patient marketing program to our educational material. We are here to support your entire practice every step of the way.

Our Product Portfolio

Our Marketing Support

Our Educational Resources

One Column : Your Partner in Oral Appliance Therapy

Your Partner in Oral Appliance Therapy

We bring out the best in people and help alleviate their health challenges through oral appliance therapy (OAT), while empowering patients and sleep health specialists to unlock their full potential. 

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Direct to Patient

Marketing Support

Across the country, we are running marketing campaigns on television, radio and social media to motivate more people to get their healthy and active lifestyle back through OSA treatment with our oral devices. We also offer a series of marketing resources that you can use to educate your patients.

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Our Flagship Lab

Respire Medical

Our Flagship Lab, Respire Medical LLC, offers quality oral devices with excellent customer service to meet your needs and help your dental sleep practice to be successful. Respire Medical is located in Brooklyn, NY.

One Column: Our Partners

Our Partners

Whole You values the power of collaboration. We work with experts and great minds across industries to develop new ideas and solutions to positively impact the field of sleep apnea.

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Our Partner

Dream Business Management

Dream Business Management, Inc. has been training and consulting dentists and their staff on dental sleep medicine for since 2010. Services include training and consulting for medical billing for oral appliances, marketing, working with physicians, successful best practices for oral appliance therapy, and business and practice management for dental sleep medicine. 

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Get started by calling us at 718-643-7326 or use our contact form below.

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