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One Column: Whole You Customer Portal

Whole You

Customer Portal

A Membership Portal Dedicated To Dental Sleep Medicine Professionals

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3 Core Offerings For You

To Help More Patients

At Whole You, we are committed to working closely with our dental sleep medicine customers and to helping more sleep apnea patients "Live Out Loud and Live Whole".

The Whole You Customer Portal offers marketing, patient education and staff training resources to assist you in recruiting and treating more patients at your practice. From the online team education course to online patient screening tools, and marketing resources for patients, we hope that you will find the Whole You Customer Portal’s exclusive resources valuable to your dental sleep medicine practice.

Resources are available by using points accumulated through case orders.

Online Patient Screening Tool

Sleep treatment starts with patient screening. Our brand new online app allows you to screen patients more efficiently and follow up with patients more easily. Available as website and tablet format.

Online Team Education Course

A winning dental sleep medicine practice requires a winning team for great teamwork. Our customers have the opportunity to try an acclaimed education course from our partner, OSA University.

Streamlined Patient Communication

No one can deny the importance of patient marketing and education in growing a dental sleep medicine practice. With our various ready-made marketing resources, streamline your patient communication.

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