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Dynamover™ Knee Compression Sleeve for your patient's knee support

With the Whole You™ family of movement solutions, your patients get the freedom to move the way they want to, and fully engage in everyday activities—from walking and exercising to driving a car. The Dynamover™ knee compression sleeve is designed to move with patients, giving them the confidence to engage again in the activities that make them feel whole.

Resources for your patients

We offer a variety of supporting resources and documentation to help keep you and your patients informed.

Dynamover™ Product Detail

Whole You Dynamover™ offers exceptional comfort in a design that’s built to support every movement

Proven Results with Dynamover™

2X greater stretch

In a study on elongation and compression, Dynamover achieved twice the stretch of other knee braces.

Better Balance

In an angle analysis assessment, patients using Dynamover achieved better balance because of the lower angle (6.35). **

Flexible Support

In patient reports of varied levels of comfort with different braces, 65% of patients preferred Dynamover over other soft-type braces

One Column: Clinical Data

Clinical Data

One Column: Testimonial


“I am extremely happy with the Dynamover knee compression sleeve. My physical therapist had thought it would work for me. I had been having difficulty finding something that provided support, yet could be comfortably worn for extended periods of time. It is also more breathable than the neoprene types.”  

Pat,  Dynamover User


“I have been wearing the Whole You Dynamover knee compression sleeve since my physical therapist recommended it. I started wearing it after I had arthroscopic knee surgery because I was having a lot of pain even after two months of physical therapy. I had one doctor recommend a knee replacement and another doctor that said I did not need to have one now. The Dynamover knee compression sleeve has been amazing at keeping my pain level under control. The sleeve is extremely comfortable and lightweight. I wear it every day under capris or  jeans and you cannot tell I have it on, but the quality of the sleeve is outstanding because it offers the support I need.  I highly recommend this sleeve from Whole You. You will not be disappointed!”  

Liz, Dynamover User


“I love my Dynamover knee compression sleeve! The support is great and I especially love how it breathes and doesn't leave me sweaty. A great product.”  

Peter,  Dynamover  User


"As a personal trainer and competitive cyclist the Whole You Dynamover knee compression sleeve is currently the only brace that I will recommend for my clients and my own cycling as well. This is the first knee sleeve that allows me to get full range of motion through each pedal stroke and does not disrupt comfort levels. Being able to obtain full range of motion in a brace is a large deciding factor. Many braces often tend to constrict movement and lead to disadvantageous results. I have not experienced this problem with the Dynamover knee compression sleeve, as it has support where I need it and flexibility where it counts. With my own clients, the Dynamover has been a success because one of the biggest factors with compliance is comfort. Braces that are big and bulky tend to be uncomfortable and clients will opt out of wearing it. I feel a sense of relief when clients wear the Dynamover because I know their knees will be protected." 

Matt Aita, CSCS, Trainer and Cyclist


"Prior to her use of the Dynamover my patient reported 7/10 pain and with use of the Dynamover her pain was reduced to 4/10."   

Pratik Shah, DPT


"When therapy alone has not proved to effectively manage my patients' knee pain symptoms, I have turned to the Dynamover as a means to control swelling and improve patients comfort during activities of daily living.  It has been especially useful to those patients that often travel by air and need comfortable compression to endure long flights. I have become familiar with the Whole You company and their products.  I appreciate the time they spend studying feedback from patients, physical therapists, and athletic trainers that drives their innovation in developing products that provide solutions for our clinical problems."

Tegan Johnson-Galvez, DPT, CSCS, Salus Concepts* 


"While I'm using the Dynamover knee compression sleeve, what I notice is that I don't notice it.  It's comfortable. It's easy to use.  It's not overly constricting.  So, it allows for natural movement but also gives support, and I think that is helpful for most athletes."

Will Laughlin, Ultrarunner and Dynamover User*


* Advisor to Whole You, Inc.
These testimonials represent individual experiences.  Product effectiveness and performance will vary by user.

General Benefits of Compression

Control swelling to prevent further injury and reduce pain1,2,3,4,5
Optimize blood flow for improved joint health and healing1,2,3,4,5
Retain warmth to improve mobility and accelerate the healing process 6,7,8
Decrease impact vibration which can cause irritation and swelling9
Improve joint tracking to reduce friction, pain, and inflammation10,11
Provide a sense of stability for more comfortable, confident movement10,11

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Whole You develops innovative products to unlock life's potential. Helping people overcome joint and mobility challenges is important work, and we're proud to be a part of it.

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