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Providing Dentures

Professional Resources

Whole You is pleased to offer a full range of consumer marketing, educational, and practice resources to support your practice and your patients.

Educational Resources

Nexteeth Case Report: Efficient, Well-fitting Solutions for Edentulous Patients

Nexteeth Case Report Efficient, Well-fitting Solutions for Edentulous Patients.pdf
204.8 KB

Nexteeth Technical Information and Benefits

Nexteeth Technical Information and Benefits.pdf
287 KB

Nexteeth Process and Benefits Flowchart

Nexteeth Process Flowchart.pdf
2.6 MB

Nexteeth CE Course Infomation

Nexteeth CE Course Infomation v2.pdf
245.7 KB

CAD/CAM Dentures Webinar

Nexteeth vs. Conventional Dentures Comparison Chart

14.1 KB

Introduction to Whole You

Introduction to Whole You.pdf
4 MB

Testimonials: Case Report

Digital Dentures Case Report

"Digitally designed and manufactured dentures provide well-fitting, comfortable prostheses with improved occlusion. With the use of new innovative impression trays, final impressions, vertical dimension, and centric relation records can be taken on the first visit. This results in delivery in only two or three visits, thus drastically cutting down on chairtime and improving efficiency."

Posterior portion of the tray with adequate amount of heavy-body impression material.

Relieving with an acrylic bur.

Use of jaw gauge to measure preliminary vertical dimension.

Evaluation of the 3D-printed try-in.

Verifying the aesthetics of the try-in.

Patient smiling at post-insertion follow-up.

One Column: Case Study

Impression Taking Using Whole You DENTCA Trays

Impression Taking Using

Whole You DENTCA Trays

Practice Resources

Nexteeth Ordering and Fabrication

Ordering and Fabrication Flyer.pdf
1.7 MB

Try-In Adjustment Form

Try-in Adjustment Form.pdf
751.4 KB

Nexteeth Impression Manual

Whole You Nexteeth Impression Manual_0.pdf
3.4 MB

Nexteeth Handling Instructions

Handling Instructions.pdf
390.2 KB

CP IOD Manual

IOD Manual_page marking_D-DOD-MAN-00[07122016].pdf
1.1 MB

Copy Column

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