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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Whole You Nexteeth?

Whole You Nexteeth utilizes DENTCA design software and multifunctional Whole You DENTCA Trays, allowing dentists to take impressions and bite-registration in one visit. This advancement reduces the average number of visits, benefitting dentists and their patients. Additionally, through our CAD/CAM technology combined with advanced materials, Nexteeth offers a precise fit and a thinner palatal plate, resulting in enhanced comfort. Lastly, the unique coating applied to Whole You Nexteeth allows stains to be easily cleaned away. See our product page for more information.

How much time is required for the Whole You Dentca Tray impression and record-taking protocols?

  • Complete: 45 to 75 minutes on average
  • Single Arch: 30 to 50 minutes on average More time may be required if you are new to Whole You's protocols or if the patient's case requires extra attention.

What is the turnaround time for Whole You Nexteeth?

Upon receiving a workable impression or try-in, Whole You strives for the following production timetable (shipping time excluded):

  • Impression to Try-in: 5 to 7 days
  • Try-in to Final: 7 to 10 days

What is needed to get started with Whole You Nexteeth? Do I need to purchase expensive equipment?

All that you will need is a Whole You Nexteeth Starter Kit and standard dental office materials and tools. Expensive imaging, milling or printing equipment is not required. See our impression manual for more details.

What is included in the Whole You Nexteeth Starter Kit?

Are the trays adjustable?

Yes. Trays become pliable after heating with flame. Additionally, the trays can be relieved with a slow-speed acrylic bur.

What customizations are available for Whole You Nexteeth?

Is it necessary to mark the midline on the impression trays?

No. DENTCA's denture modeling software is able to determine ideal positioning of the midline.
However, for patients with unique/asymmetrical facial features, please mark the midline on the impression tray.

How is lip support determined?

Years of extensive research performed by DENTCA and the doctors who developed the impression protocols and denture modeling software have shown that lip support can be averaged and accurately measured using anatomical landmarks in the patient's mouth.

How are function and aesthetics checked before delivering the final denture?

Whole You's try-in is used to check fit, retention, occlusion, and certain aesthetic characteristics. Adjustments that can be made using the try-in include: 

  • Bite/occlusion¬†
  • Retention
  • Borders
  • Other (aesthetics, vertical, lip support, special instructions)

A try-in adjustment form listing the possible adjustments will accompany the try-in and/or be available in the account, when try-ins are ordered.

If I feel additional try-ins are necessary or the patient changes his/her mind about the aesthetics, can additional try-ins be ordered?

Yes. Additional try-ins can be ordered for a fee.

Is it possible to skip the try-in and deliver Whole You Nexteeth in just two visits?

We recommend a three-visit process, utilizing our try-in, to ensure the best outcome for both the patient and practitioner.
However, if the practitioner is skilled with the impression and record-taking protocols and the patient does not have any unique aesthetic requirements, a final denture can be delivered on the second visit, thanks to the multifunctional Whole You Dentca Trays.

Can Whole You provide dentures that are compatible with implants?

Can Whole You Nexteeth be relined?

Yes. Please note that the coating, if applied, must be removed to ensure sufficient bonding between the denture base and reline material. Sufficient care and skill should be given to ensure proper relining of the thin palatal area.

Can Whole You Nexteeth be repaired?

Yes. Common acrylic materials for repairing dentures can be used on Whole You Nexteeth dentures.

How can I order more Whole You DENTCA Trays?

Does Whole You guarantee its products?

Yes. Whole You warrants that our products are free from defects in material and workmanship, when used as indicated. Whole You may offer remakes, refunds, and additional support. Limitations and fees may apply.

Does Whole You offer hands-on training?

How should my patients clean and care for their Nexteeth dentures?

Does Whole You sell its denture base and denture coating materials?

No. Whole You does not sell denture base or coating materials.

What is the relationship between Whole You and DENTCA?

Whole You and DENTCA are affiliated companies. Whole You Nexteeth is digitally designed by Dentca. See DENTCA information here.

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