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Nexteeth™ Milled Full Denture

Nexteeth milled dentures increase practice productivity and improve results for the patient and practitioner. Nexteeth utilizes cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology and advanced materials to maximize efficiency and provide premium quality for patients.

Important Notice:
Whole You ceased production of Nexteeth Dentures effective 02/01/2017. For more information,
please click here.

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Innovative Process

Our innovative multi-functional tray system allows impressions and bite registration to be taken simultaneously, simplifying the process and reducing chair time and patient visits. 

Premium Quality for Your Patients

CAD/CAM Created for a Precise Fit

Sophisticated software accurately translates necessary anatomical landmarks from the impression and intelligently sets up the case.

PMMA Base for a Thin Palate and High Flexural Strength

Advanced denture base material with impressive flexural strength and dimensional stability for a distinctively thin palate allowing for increased comfort and better fit.

Proprietary Coating for Easy Cleaning

Nexteeth is finished with a long-lasting, super hydrophilic coating for easy cleaning and care.

Testimonials: Case Report

Digital Dentures Case Report

"Digitally designed and manufactured dentures provide well-fitting, comfortable prostheses with improved occlusion. With the use of new innovative impression trays, final impressions, vertical dimension, and centric relation records can be taken on the first visit. This results in delivery in only two or three visits, thus drastically cutting down on chairtime and improving efficiency."

One-Appointment Record Taking (3 Steps in 1)

Innovative tray system allows all necessary records to be taken in the 1st appointment.

3D Printed Try-in

Accurate evaulation of rention and fit.

Final Delivery

Minimal adujstments required.

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Made in the USA

Call direct to speak with a Nexteeth Representative at 424-558-8522

Ordering Site

Login to our Ordering Site to order, view or submit information about a case, and access technical content.

Resources for Your Practice

We offer a variety of resources to support you, your patients and your practice.

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