Expert’s Review: Respire Pink AT
Gregory Osborne, DDS
Gregory Osborne

Respire Pink AT™ provides quicker, easier advancements with better key design – great for telehealth!

Let’s start with the easier turn system of 1 full turn = 0.25 mm by inserting the key in the back of the hinge and rotating simply. Previous mechanisms are tedious, frustrating, and easy to lose track of while turning so many revolutions. This was all that was available 30+ years ago when I used them in orthodontics. They were never significantly changed until Respire came along with the new AT concept. That is why I use the mnemonic for AT to stand for “About Time”. It is about time someone came up with a better mousetrap. It is about Saving time.

I also appreciate the integrated measuring scale on arms. I can verify that each side is symmetrical or where the position is intended to be when the patient comes back. Sometimes the patient or staff (never the doctor) could turn the key the wrong direction accidentally. This is important for the treatment and patients, because asymmetrical advancement or advancing too quickly can set up TMD problems. Advancing the wrong direction slows the treatment progression.

The special titration key is easier to hold, easier to turn, and easier to count revolutions. Some of our patients are dealing with arthritis in their hands and diminished eyesight. Older gears made this a real challenge. The key that can be easily used is important for our patients, since some of our patients travel from long distances for treatment and prefer to self-advance, and some of our patients move out of state and may not return.

At last but not the least, the Respire Pink AT™ is great for telehealth, and we have used Telehealth for a few years now. Trying to show someone on a monitor how to turn an older style gear vs demonstrating the Respire Pink AT™ is so much easier now. The PDAC approval for some insurance carriers dictates our propulsion mechanism choices. At least now we have a better choice.

There is not one oral appliance that is the best for every patient. Every dentist, however, that does OAT, should always have the Respire Pink AT ™ as the best choice for certain patients. (and I rarely would use a “never/always” statement).