Expert’s Review: Respire Digital Splint
Barry N. Chase, DDS, D. ABDSM

I love the Respire Digital splint for its predictable fit – always fitting perfectly, it’s flexible and comfortable for the patient. All designs are customizable for each patient.

Its 3D printing process assures great accuracy and a faster turnaround time. Besides the fit, Respire Digital splint is metal free, so there isn’t any metal rubbing the teeth making it more comfortable for the patient.

The process benefits dentists from making repairs and remakes much faster.

The flexible material of splint makes the devices smaller and more comfortable with less chance of breaking. Needless to say, all acrylic is easy on and off.

I would recommend Respire Digital splint to all patients – there is no contraindications, and to any dentist who wants an appliance that is custom designed, flexible, and patient-friendly!