Expert’s Review: Respire Blue+
Kerry Hahn, DDS
Kerry Hahn, DDS

I particularly love the shorter height and overall bulk of the new Respire Blue+™! With this slimmer design, I am seeing firsthand how patients of all facial sizes and structures are able to more easily insert and remove their appliance.

The 12.5% decrease in device volume increases patient comfort, which leads to increased compliance with wearing the device long term. The less adaptation and adjustments a patient has to go through initially, the more confidence and motivation they have with the device and utilizing it for their sleep needs.

The straighter angle of wings at 80 degrees does an excellent job of maintaining the desired mandibular position, regardless of a patient’s sleep position. As such, we optimize the efficacy of the device in treating our patient’s postural OSA.

The reduced lingual coverage provides less bulk overall and is great in improving patient comfort by not encroaching upon the tongue space. I also believe the thinner buccal surfaces have been a great improvement as well, as my patients are surprised by how comfortable and less bulky this new device feels in their mouths. Previously, I had to often trim the buccal surfaces away from the gingiva for patient comfort. I am now noticing I have to do so to a much less frequent degree. This results in less chair-time and adjustments, which leads to increased efficiency and profitability.

With the new Respire Blue+™, I feel confident prescribing this design to an array of patients. With the previous design, I was more hesitant on patients with tighter facial musculature and smaller oral cavities. I even feel more confident prescribing this new design with our clenching patients. I’m finding myself more and more comfortable utilizing the Respire Blue +™ given it’s high acceptance amongst my patients and increased overall comfort and compliance.