Expert’s Review: Respire Blue+
Kathi Wilson, DDS, D-ABDSM

With its recently enhanced design, the Respire Blue+ gives me one more tool in the toolbox. The smaller profile means its appropriate for a larger patient population. It is well-tolerated and sturdy enough for big-time clenchers.

The enhanced design provides a smaller overall size, meaning less bulk in the patient’s mouth. Wings are shortened giving less bulk in the patient’s mouth. Additionally, the angle of wings got straighter to help keep the jaw forward when they relax open a little, which is important for the treatment because it protects the airway. With having the anterior metal bars removed, they no longer annoy lips and having them move towards the side/back is more comfortable in patient’s mouth. Narrower block on the upper reduces the bulk to increase comfort, meaning increased compliance.

I definitely would recommend the Respire Blue+’s new design to dentists who can look in a mouth and be able to tell who is more of a clencher and who is more of a grinder.