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Friday, June 12, 2015
Dentist with patient

Treating Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine estimates that around 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, and while there are certain risk factors that raise an individual’s chances of developing the condition, it can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or weight. Treatments, therefore, must reflect the diversity of patients’ physical features to ensure they are effective and comfortable.

For severe cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), sleep physicians typically recommend that patients try CPAP. In mild to moderate cases of OSA, or if CPAP isn’t suitable, oral appliances can be recommended instead.

How to Choose the Right Oral Appliance for your Patient

An oral appliance lab’s ability to create tailored oral appliance solutions for your patients’ individual needs should be a deciding factor when choosing who to partner with. At Whole You we understand this need and acquired Respire Medical, a lab that exclusively creates bespoke oral appliance solutions that can be customized to a patient’s specific requirements.

Selecting the right oral appliance and getting the fit right is essential for the comfort and continued use of the device, below is advice for doing both:

Large tongue

It can be more challenging to find an oral appliance that fits comfortably for patients with larger-than-average tongues. Whole You’s Respire Medical offers a reduced lingual coverage option on their devices, which maximizes the tongue space by decreasing the acrylic coverage on the lingual aspect of the device, thereby making it more comfortable.


For patients suffering from Bruxism, where they clench and grind their teeth during the night, it’s important to have a device that accommodates this movement. Whole You’s Respire Pink allows for increased lateral and vertical movements for the patients and also welds a mesh support onto the devices fixing elements to increase its durability.

A patient on Medicare

Very few devices are approved for Medicare under the billing code E0486. Whole You’s Respire Pink is one of those.

Urgent cases

In a number of cases, patients need their oral appliances as a matter of urgency. Whole You’s Respire Medical offers a ‘Respire Pink Two Day Rush Service’, where an oral appliance from the company’s Respire Pink can be delivered to U.S. based dentists within two days, one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry.

Bite Registration for a Functional Appliance

Choosing the right oral appliance is only half the battle, to ensure efficacy and comfort an accurate bite registration is essential. The bite registration and the position of the jaw are key factors in the success or failure of the patient’s treatment.

First step is using airway metrics jigs ( to set the patient’s jaw at different vertical and protrusive positions and then testing them using the pharyngometer ( to see how each position opens the airway.


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