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Jerry's Story

“One of my goals is to ride my age in miles on my birthday every year.”

When you wake up with sore ribs, from your wife elbowing you to stop snoring, you know your sleep apnea is bad. That was me. Treatment has made things a lot better. I feel rested, healthier, and I’m spending a lot more time cycling!

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Cycling helps me stay fit and spend more time with friends, plus I get to see more of my lovely city —Philadelphia!— than I would in a car. We have one of the best bike trail systems in the country and I ride over 1,000 miles a year. My goal is to ride my age in miles every year on my birthday. This year, I’ll be 61 miles old.

Location Guide: Headhouse Square in Philadelphia has one of the oldest surviving market buildings in the nation that can be dated back to 1745. Today, it thrives as a lively neighborhood that has a little bit of something for everyone.



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Comment from Jerry's dentist


Jerry's active lifestyle and frequent traveling made him an ideal candidate for oral appliance therapy. Respire Blue was a natural choice for treating his problem due to its proven efficacy and patient comfort. Like many of my patients, Jerry responded favorably to the treatment and reported improved sleep quality, energy levels and no more snoring.

Across the country, sleep apnea patients are waking up refreshed and alive again.  Enjoy their stories as they escape the sleep apnea fog and live the life that makes them whole.

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Whole You works with dentists across the US who are experienced in managing treatment and medical insurance billing, particularly for sleep apnea patients. Get started by calling our toll free number at 1-800 NEW MORNING or use our contact form below.

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