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Hilton's Story

"On our next camping trip, my friends will be amazed at how quietly I sleep!"
I've lived in Minneapolis/St. Paul since 1984. I love it here because you can do anything, from fishing and kayaking on the lake, to biking and hiking. I’m planning to build a house on a piece of property I own in north-central Minnesota. That will be my place to retire and enjoy the world and all its wonders.
Over the last several years, my snoring had reached a point where if I was camping or traveling with friends they would try to find some way to muzzle me or at least get out of hearing distance, such as relegating me to my own tent as far away as possible. It was said that we wouldn’t have to worry about wild beasts due to the level of noise coming from me.
In addition to the snoring, I was feeling rundown and tired. So my GP suggested I see a pulmonologist, which I did in February 2018.
The pulmonologist sent me home with a sleep test, which showed that I have mild sleep apnea with a relatively high snore index. After the test I discussed my options with the doctor. CPAP was one option. The second was Whole You’s Oral Appliance. That was a better fit, since my sleep test score was in the mild range.

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At first, as I adjusted to it, the oral appliance gave me a stiff neck — though I was still sleeping better. And after a couple of nights I was able to get truly restful sleep. The effect on my sleep was really amazing and after two weeks my stiff neck was gone. The rest is rest and history. Now after three months using the device, I sleep well and am less drowsy at work. I used to have to drag myself to the gym but not anymore.

In October I’m going hunting and fishing for 10 days with my friends. This time they’ll be sleeping peacefully even with me around and I’m really looking forward to their responses. Lack of sleep makes us older folks even crabbier and grumpier than we already are but luckily on this trip that won’t be a problem!

Location Guide:The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden features two of Minnesota’s most cherished resources—its parks and its cultural life. The garden features over 40 pieces from Walker Art Center’s collections, including the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry. Since the park’s opening in 1988 it has welcomed millions of visitors of all ages 365 days a year.


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Comment from Hilton's s dentist
Hilton had symptoms of excessive daytime sleepiness and significant snoring .chose a Whole You Respire Blue + because of the quality and comfort of the device and the fact that this device allowed Hilton to open his mouth without feeling restricted. I was so happy when he came in for his follow-up appointment because his sleep quality improved, he was feeling refreshed, and no longer feeling tired throughout the day.

Across the country, sleep apnea patients are waking up refreshed and alive again.  Enjoy their stories as they escape the sleep apnea fog and live the life that makes them whole.


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