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Eli's Story

“Sleep apnea isn’t about age. It can happen to anyone at any age.”
I started snowboarding in 1992 and it has been a passion of mine ever since. It’s a passion that blends my job, family, friends, and travel. I love it.Snowboarding takes focus, energy and alertness, particularly in difficult terrain — which is my favorite. But my sleep issues caused me to lose all of those things earlier in the day than I wanted.
I’d been told for years that my snoring was loud. Beyond the snoring, my breathing was irregular and at times I wasn’t breathing at all.I was on vacation once, sharing a house with a friend who is a sleep technician, and he said it sounded like sleep apnea. I had a sleep test done and that confirmed that indeed I have severe sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea runs in the family. My father uses CPAP and it works for him, probably because he’s at home sleeping in the same bed every night.But I travel 60% of the year, so I need a portable solution. I couldn’t live with the inconvenience of CPAP.
My doctor recommended the Whole You Sleep Appliance. And since I started using it, a lot has changed. I feel more refreshed in the morning and I don’t feel sleepy or crash throughout the day, even on days when I haven’t slept much. And it’s helped my snowboarding, too. Being well-rested, I’ve found that I last longer on the slopes and don’t feel as winded, even at high elevations.

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This year I have two seasons passes to several dozen mountains and I plan to ride as much as possible. That’s a lot of travel and sleeping in different cities every weekend, so quality sleep will be important. I also plan to challenge myself by trying harder terrain and going snowcat-boarding. I may even try heli-boarding.
San Francisco is the city with everything. It’s close to the beach, close to the country, close to vineyards — and of course, close to the mountains! The city is filled with vibrant communities and an unmatched arts and music scene. It’s very energizing and I want to be my best when experiencing it.
Sleep apnea isn’t about age, it’s a physical condition you’re born with. It can happen to anyone at any age. Get it checked!
Location Guide: Stretching a mile below the Presidio’s western shoreline,  Baker Beach’s spectacular outside-the-Gate views of the Bridge and the Marin Headlands are unsurpassed. A destination for picnics, hiking, and sunbathing Baker Beach is a must see in the bay area. 

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Across the country, sleep apnea patients are waking up refreshed and alive again.  
Enjoy their stories as they escape the sleep apnea fog and live the life that makes them whole.

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