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A non-invasive option

Do the things you enjoy before bed

Wouldn't it be nice to wind down after a long day, do the things you enjoy before bed and just fall asleep naturally?

Our oral device is something that you can easily put on and take off.  It's a non-invasive alternative to treat sleep apnea, which means less interference to your usual bed time routine.

Want to continue reading your favorite book before sleep? Talk about your day with your partner? Or just need a sip of water?  Go for it.

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Free to move around

Sleep the way you like

Do you prefer to sleep on your side, on your back, or do you sleep in different positions everyday?

With our oral device, you can have a good night's sleep in positions that are the most comfortable for you.  Sleep the way you like and get ready for a refreshing morning ahead.

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Sleep together

Stay intimate with your partner

Miss the time when you used to chit chat or cuddle with your partner on bed?

Our oral device not only stops snoring, but it is non-invasive so you and your partner can enjoy being together before and after falling asleep.

One Column: Find dentist

Find a Whole You Sleep Appliance Provider In Your Area

Whole You works with dentists across the US who are experienced in managing treatment and medical insurance billing, particularly for sleep apnea patients. Get started by calling our toll free number at 1-800 NEW MORNING or use our contact form below.

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Questions? We have answers.