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Sleep Appliances

Respire EF

New Generation of Oral Appliances with Significantly More Tongue Space

One Column: The Issue

 The Common Issues 

Have your patients ever experienced difficulty with tongue movement while wearing an oral appliance for sleep apnea treatment? Respire EF were designed to address those 2 common issues.

1. Many OSA patients have an enlarged tongue, an indicator of potential OSA.

2. Narrow archs are often found in OSA patients.

One Column: Our Solution

 Our Solution 

Whole You Sleep Appliances Respire EF

Our innovative solution provides one of the thinnest frameworks, with a wider opening, for patients with larger tongues

How Respire EF provides more tongue space

1. The alloy framework provides a thinner appliance along with reducing lingual coverage for maximum tongue space

2. No acrylic in the anterior allows for an increased opening for the tongue to come forward naturally

One Column: Testimonial 2

Dentist Testimonials

Hear Dr. Nicole D. Chenet explains how Respire EF Oral Appliances differ from other sleep apnea treatments, and watch Dr. Chase explains why he chooses Respire EF Oral Appliances for his Sleep Apnea patients.

One Column: Testimonial

3 Types available

Respire Blue EF

For patients who need freedom to open & close mouth

Respire Pink EF

For patients who suffer from bruxism

Respire Pink EF Micro

For patients with smaller mouth

One Column: End

Discover the difference Respire EF makes for your patients