Resource Package

From operational resources to marketing resources, Whole You™ provides all the fundamentals you need to start your sleep practice effectively as one package.

Welcome Book

Booklet both in digital and physical form to help you kick start your sleep business

● New Client Form

● Product Map

● Device Selection

● Price List

● Lab Sheets

● Return Date Calendar

● Shipping slip

Patient Marketing Pack

Essentials to screen and convert your dental patients to sleep apnea treatment

● 3 Posters

● 40 Patient Pamphlets with holder

● 3 Intraoral Indicator Boards

● 20 Patient Screening Sheets

Case Management Center Access

Online portal to help make your order process more smooth and efficient

● Track Your Case: Check the case status online 24/365

● Print Shipping Label: Print the label online from your PC

● Pay Online: Check your financial statement online

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