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One Column: Celebrate the Whole Day


Live Your Whole Life

Whole You believes in living a Whole Day. A day that is complete and without limitations. A day where senses and mobility combine to create enriching experiences.

One Column: Living the Whole Day with Bruce Hall

Living the Whole Day with Bruce Hall

As a legally blind photographer, teacher and disability advocate whose work has been shown and lauded throughout the world, Bruce Hall is an outstanding example of someone who lives their Whole Day. Instead of allowing his physical limitations to inhibit his work, he has embraced them and found new ways to capture the world around him.
To bring this idea to life, we asked Bruce to capture a whole day atCicLAvia - Heart of LA, where six miles of Los Angeles streets are closed to cars and opened to pedestrians, cyclists, and more. Bruce will take photographs of the event and be filmed for an upcoming video feature.
This behind the scenes look into Bruce's life and work will inspire others to live their Whole Day to the fullest and pursue their passions, no matter what obstacles they may have to overcome.

One Column: We Make You Whole Again

We Make You Whole Again

Our Product Portfolio

Sights, Tastes, Experiences-our bodies help us take it all in. And we're not going to let health concerns keep us from enjoying everything life has to offer.


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Dental Solutions

Improvement of Oral functions.

There's more to oral health than brushing and flossing. At Whole You, we develop oral appliances to tackle a wide range of issues, offering better health to all. Eat well, sleep well and laugh hard. Good health is always a reason to smile.

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Physical Mobility Solutions

Maintaining and enhancing movement.

Full body control and mobility bring self-reliance, freedom, joy and excitement to your life. Our ergonomic, epoch-making products support comfortable mobility and help move through life with your own feet.

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Let's change the world together

Innovation requires collaboration. That's the idea at the core of the Whole You Living Lab, which aims to solve sensory and mobility challenges by bringing together a wide range of people, including physicians, designers, academics and patients - as well as businesses and organizations. The diversity of perspectives, knowledge and insights leads to life-changing breakthroughs.