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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Whole You?

Whole You is a healthcare company that is focused on helping people experience life more fully by offering human centric solutions for those with sensory and physical mobility challenges. We want to help people see more, taste more, hear more and move more freely.

Where are Whole You products manufactured?

Whole You products are manufactured mainly in the U.S., with some manufactured outside of the U.S.

Who are Whole You's products for?

Whole You offers solutions to consumers and patients with sensory and physical mobility challenges. Products are provided through medical professionals with respective expertise.

Where can I buy Whole You products?

We provide products through healthcare professionals, such as dentists and physical therapists.

What is the relationship between Mitsui Chemicals and Whole You?

Whole You is a subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals America, which is owned by Mitsui Chemicals, but we operate as a distinct entity. Whole You is registered in the U.S. While Whole You operates as a distinct entity from Mitsui Chemicals, we are bringing in the best minds from Mitsui Chemicals to lead and manage Whole You, in addition to Mitsui Chemicals' expertise in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, including polymers for eye glass lenses and dental materials.

What is Whole You’s relationship with DENTCA and Respire Medical?

Both are sister companies of Whole You.

Where is Whole You headquartered?

Whole You HQ is located in San Jose, California. We also have management teams based in NY and Tokyo.

What is the Living Lab?

The Living Lab is an interdisciplinary innovation networking platform which aims to solve sensory and physical mobility challenges through collaboration. We have advisors and corporate partnerships across a wide array of disciplines. For more info, visit Our Company page.