Education onDental Sleep Medicine
Want to learn more about Dental Sleep Medicine? We provide series of articles to help you get familiar.

Education for device
* Performing device titration via telemedicine is the sole decision of each dentist and should be performed under the dentist’s close supervision.
Expert review on Respire Pink AT™ –
“Innovation at Arm’s Length”
Barry Chase, DDS, unravels his experiences with the Respire Pink AT’s “game changing innovation” and how the device makes it easier for both dentist and patient.
Education for your sleep practice
Identifying Sleep Apnea in Your Dental Patients
The need for dental practitioners to take a greater role in the identification and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has never been higher.
The Do’s & Don'ts During Your Patients’ First Sleep Apnea Consultation
Once you’ve identified a potential sleep apnea patient the next step is a consultation.
Five Steps For A Successful Relationship With A Sleep Physician
For a successful sleep practice, it is vital for dentists to have strong professional relationships with one or more sleep physicians.
Check Points to Select the Oral Appliance That’s Right for Your Patient
The type of oral appliance (OA) chosen for a OSA patient has a significant impact on compliance and overall success of treatment.
A Sleep Dentist’s Guide to Begin Medical Insurance Billing
As dentists expand into dental sleep medicine and begin treating patients, taking the plunge into medical insurance may be necessary.
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