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We offer healthcare solutions to maximize your life’s potential

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NEW! Nexteeth Educational Video

Discover how Nexteeth digital dentures helped Shannon and Robert regain their positive attitude towards life. Dr. Kamat explains how digital technology makes it all happen.

Sleep Appliance User Testimonial

See what other people are saying about their experiences with Whole You Sleep Appliances.

Considering Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Learn the 5 reasons why Whole You's treatment can be your optimal option

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Feel Whole Again

Feel better. Get more out of life. We collaborate with experts to create healthcare products and solutions that improve lives—because we believe that a whole life begins with a Whole You.

Dental Solutions

Thinner, more precise fitting CAD/CAM dentures. Eat well and laugh hard.

Sleep Solutions

A welcome alternative to CPAP. Sleep sound, wake up vibrant with Whole You Sleep Appliances.

Movement Solutions

Our knee sleeve features advanced compression technology. Move on, Move up, Move forward.

Vision Solutions

We create eyewear to help people fully take in the world around them.

Coming soon.

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We don’t just create products.

We change lives.

At Whole You, we see every health challenge as an opportunity to improve lives, and we work with leading experts to create innovative medical products by placing people at the center of everything we do.

News & Articles

Successful Sleep Dentistry Article #3 - Five Steps For A Successful Relationship With A Sleep Physician

For a successful sleep practice, it is vital for dentists to have strong professional relationships with one or more sleep physicians.

Article Oct 17, 2016
Successful Sleep Dentistry Article #2 - The Do’s & Don'ts During Your Patients’ First Sleep Apnea Consultation

Once you’ve identified a potential sleep apnea patient the next step is a consultation (for more information on identifying patients with sleep apnea in your dental practice

Article Aug 24, 2016
Successful Sleep Dentistry Article #1 - Identifying Sleep Apnea in Your Dental Patients

The Rise of Need For Dentists to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Article Jun 30, 2016
Make your Sleep Dentistry Practice More Successful

Sleep apnea, a potentially fatal sleep disorder, has historically been treated with CPAP machines that can disrupt a patient’s nighttime routine.

Article Dec 01, 2015

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