My husband and I are avid road trippers and whereas before I couldn’t really help with the driving because I’d get too drowsy. Now I can.
We’re planning a big trip to Washington D.C. in the next few months, in total abuot 3,000 miles of driving. And of course, lots of sightseeing! Life is good.

Wendy, CITY OF SLEEPERS – Austin
Last year, we opened up for Twenty One Pilots on their arena tour. It was insane. It’s 20,000 kids screaming their faces off. You can’t really have a bad time when you’re doing that.
I don’t want to sound cliché but I think the sky’s the limit on that. We’re just kind of touching the tip of the iceberg.

Travis, CITY OF SLEEPERS – Brooklyn
I was able to go prom dress shopping with my daughter. After we found “the one” we went to eat lunch and I remember her saying, “Mom, this is what we used to do before you got sick and I really missed our time together.”

Tammy, CITY OF SLEEPERS – Florence
This past spring I met a wonderful, lovely woman who is smart, driven, and full of life. She is one of a kind! I want to be like her.
I want to enjoy each second of life. I want to love freely, passionately, with no regrets.

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