To Feel Whole Again

When we feel better, we get more out of life. Whole You takes this idea to heart, collaborating with people from different fields to create healthcare solutions that improve lives. Not only do we develop innovative medical products that aim to solve sensory and mobility challenges, we work closely with healthcare professionals to reach the people we can help. Because a whole life begins with a Whole You.

Feel Whole, Live Whole
Sights, tastes, experiences—our bodies help us take it all in. And we're not going to let health concerns keep us from enjoying everything life has to offer.


A whole life with healthier mobility.

Physical mobility gives you the ability to live every moment to the fullest. Discover how we work with health care professionals to support your physical mobility, and help you move through your day with more confidence.


Whole health starts with your mouth.

Oral health is about more than just dental hygiene. We work with dentists and physicians to enhance whole health through sleep appliances and Nexteeth denture solutions.


Don't miss a whole world of spectacular sights.

Our vision is invaluable, shaping how we experience life. See how we're helping eye care professionals take care of this important asset.

The Living Lab

Our Los Angeles, California
center for collaboration


Crowdsourcing innovation to solve healthcare problems

Partners and Advisory Group

The brightest minds in the industry

Our innovation starts with you
A cutting-edge idea may begin in the mind of an individual, but bringing it to life requires collaboration. The Living Lab enables experts from many disciplines to find solutions to healthcare challenges by working with the people they affect. Together, we can expand what's possible and optimize human health.
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